What can you expect

When we set up a crèche, we can provide a huge variety of activities and equipment, depending on the space available and the age and number of children.  These can include:

  • Indoor toys and activities including games, role-play areas, ball pits, tents.
  • Outdoor play equipment large and small including space hoppers, giant board games, ride along toys and parachutes.
  • Art and craft packs
  • Room dividers
  • Cinema corner
  • Changing equipment
  • Nursing area
  • Sleeping equipment including beds, travel cots, cribs blankets, pillows, baby monitors.

We have a huge range of items and activities to keep your little guests happy throughout the day and night - but if you can think of something that is not on this list, please do not hesitate to ask for it! We will do our best to arrange it for you.

Our Crèches are all completely bespoke, but here are some examples of the services we can offer.

Ultimate Crèche

A fully stocked crèche, containing age-appropriate toys, games and activities; as well as feeding, hygiene and sleeping areas/equipment.

Meals can be supervised, either in the main event area or in the separate crèche room.

Outside activities can also be organised, weather permitting.


Little Crèche

This unsupervised crèche is perfect for those who simply require a well stocked retreat for the little guests. It can be set up in the same room as the main function/event, or a side room, depending on requirements.

The parents are present at all times and therefore retain full legal responsibility for their children.

Like the Full Crèche service, The Wedding Crechers will set up a brilliant, fully stocked play area before your little guests arrive and pack it up and take it away the following day.


Sleepover Crèche

This crèche is usually provided as an add-on to our other services, to allow parents to enjoy the evening reception past their children’s bed time.

We offer a 'sleepover' service, meaning you can drop your children off with us when you want to party. We will provide cots, comfy mats, sleeping bags, story time area, blankets, fairy lights, a film night, popcorn and hot chocolate, soft music - and you can collect them on your way home.

This service is only possible until the end of the wedding,

Overnight care can be arranged on a one on one basis.


Wedding Nanny

For those simply looking for on-site childcare, we can send a nanny who will care for your child alongside you, or in the background. Our nanny can take care of your child for the whole day or just the evening and will arrive with a small selection of toys and activities to help keep your child happy.

This is a perfect option for those brides who have their own children attending the wedding. The hours before the wedding are very exciting, but can also be tense and stressful for children. We can be there to look after the little guests while all the grown ups are busy getting ready. We will make sure they are kept clean, calm, fed, and entertained, so that they are refreshed and ready for the main event.

We will help keep the little guests available for photos and any other duties they may be required and make sure that you all enjoy your day.

Added Extras

Little Guest Packs

These packs are perfect during the wedding formalities, or for the time between the wedding ceremony and reception.

We can create activity packs for each individual little guest at your wedding. The packs can be as simple or elaborate as you like. All we will ask is the child’s name, age and a list of his or her interests.

Packs can include things like:

  • Art and craft activities
  • Something to make and give to the happy couple
  • Toys
  • Wedding scrapbooks complete with tasks, challenges
  • Disposable cameras
  • Activity books
  • Bubbles
  • Puzzles
  • A small gift or keepsake

Activity packs are supplied as a box or bag, and are labelled with the child’s name and the date of the wedding.


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