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Play time

The problem

Have you ever been invited to a wedding and had to turn it down because you couldn't organise childcare? Or did you go but not fully enjoy the occasion because you were too busy looking after your children, having to leave early?

Children can be fantastic and really make a wedding! However, during certain parts of the day, both children and parents can really appreciate some distraction and entertainment.

During the ceremony, meal and speeches, children are expected to be quiet and still, with little or no entertainment. This will inevitably cause disruption to your perfect day, and stop everyone from enjoying themselves.

The Solution

We come to your wedding and look after the little guests on your big day!

Our amazing qualified team is based in Melbourne, but will travel far and wide, so that you and your guests can enjoy yourself at your dream location.

We're fully flexible! We can set up a mini event within your wedding with a fully stocked wedding crèche. Or perhaps you'd prefer a single nanny to cater for your individual childcare needs. Either way, everyone has a day to remember.

Relax and enjoy the day, knowing your children are well looked after, out of the way but within arms reach.

Samantha Taylor


Our Approach

We will work closely with you and your venue. After having performed a detailed risk assessment, we will create the perfect fit of your vision - including colour co-ordination and theming. We will always provide a beautifully stocked, safe and secure mobile crèche that has been tailored to meet the needs and interests of your little guests.

If you have any children with specific special needs or lots of very young ones, we will make sure we provide the right team with the right experience to look after your children.

We have full public liability insurance through a leading childcare specialist, and are happy to talk to your venue about any questions they may have.

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